Miranda July’s “It Chooses You” Book Preview

When The Future came out, I attended with my wife a show where at the end, Miranda July would talk about the movie. It was rather entertaining. July talked about how for while, she obsessed with this classifieds thing called the PennySaver, which is the computerless people’s Craigslist. She even incorporated that into the movie. She said she started this project and really wanted to work on it and “It Chooses You” is just that. This is an excerpt of the book:


It was wonderful to have this opportunity to leave my cave. I packed a bag with yogurt, apples, bottles of water, and a little tape recorder.


The longer preview is at McSweeney’s. I think he’s also selling the book. Which is kind of an “highbrow” affiliate program. Weirdballs.

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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