Missed Hipster Connections: you:jean jacket, bike, me: delivery van – w4m – 20 (East Village)

Date: 2010-09-10, 7:53PM EDT
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on 13th between 2nd and 3rd around 9 this morning 
you had an acid wash denim backpack and an acid wash denim jacket and acid wash denim pants on a fixie. i can’t even remember what you looked like but i know i thought you were attractive. maybe. who am i?
i was also wearing an acid wash denim jacket (soulmates riiiiiiiight? i mean, c’mon!), we made eye contact and i smiled (i have crooked teeth. like the song, riiiiight?) as you went by and i pulled some body bags out of a white delivery van.
if i am your dream girl let me know 

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Tag Brum
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