New Museum Reopens as Laid-Off Workers Allege Union-Busting

(Photo: Gary Ku via Wiki Commons)

The New Museum opened its doors last week for the first time since March. And as the New Museum’s employees go back to work, so will their union—or at least what’s left of it.

In two rounds of layoffs made since the coronavirus outbreak—one in April and another in June—the Bowery art museum let go 25 employees, citing a 30 percent shortfall in its budget. Most of those laid off were union members, and according to the union, this was not a coincidence. They say the institution took advantage of COVID-19 cutbacks to weaken the union, and they filed charges last month to the National Labor Review Board to that effect.

“They got rid of a vast majority of the outspoken union supporters, including our entire steward committee,” said Dana…

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