Review: Andre Chrys – Window To Nowhere


Andre Chrys makes country-drenched rock, rooted in white-to-black lyricism and bellowed vocal work. The starting song on this album, “Get Away With It,” is fury at it’s finest, jiving together meaty chunks of guitar and even stronger flavors of smoky Americana. Right from the start, Chrys pulls you in.

One of the strongest tunes on this record is “The Velvet Rut.” The song displays classic rock at it’s finest, bringing forth different moods thorough Tom Waits’ scattered-splatter. Andre’s voice is an emotional one, able to warm and chill the heart whenever the appurtenant opportunity presents itself. He crushes ballads. He shreds love songs. Chrys does all.

One of the things that keeps the album going is the fact that the brew of classic rock Andre creates isn’t volatile. He never goes beyond what he wants, bringing his music a certain amount of fencing. If you expected something new, you’ll find it in the lyrics, otherwise find something else to listen to. Chrys is repackaging an older era of rock for listeners.

The only thing that holds back “Window To Nowhere” is it’s loss of ingenuity for a genre that’s been explored too many times to count. Songs standout because of Andre’s lyrics. If he can give the music behind his voice the same personality, his work would blossom into something as classic as it is fresh.

Isn’t that what we all want?