Review: Bitter’s Kiss – Bitter’s Kiss

This girl is good.

When I first heard “The Rope,” with heartsick opening lines and merciless melancholy, I was stuck in a world of cool sadness. Internal reflection was everywhere, pursed between the lips of Chloe Baker herself. Baker makes indie music the way it’s supposed to be: real, rough, and devoid of compromise. The reason Bitter’s Kiss doesn’t slow down as an album is because it refuses to make any compromises to sound like something popular.

Like Lorde before her, Bitter’s Kiss is powerful with beats. Her personality lightens around her words, growing stronger with every track. One of her strongest songs, “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” is filled with a bevy of interchanging sounds to fit Chloe’s dynamic. She makes each song into a battle, shifting through her mind to find a certain sort of human electricity.

Overall, this album kicks it, and is a fantastic representation of Chloe as an artist. It’s a strong piece of music from an upcoming talent that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Her latest video for “The Rope” is great too, flitting and flirting with darkness as Chloe’s words take the spotlight. Definitely a favorite.

With a voice that haunts and songs that flaunt personal redemption, Bitter’s Kiss sets a new standard for brood and moody songs. This album is a terrific debut for the Jersey-based songwriter, leaving me with just one question…

What’s next?

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