Richie Campbell – Best Friend – YouTube


Richie Campbell, Portuguese Reggae singer/songwriter, has been busy since stepping into his solo-career in 2010, jamming with the 911 Band. After his debute album ‘Focused’ was released, his track ‘How We Roll’ was nominated for the 2013 Golden Globe (Portugal). In 2015 he released “In the 876”, title reference to the Jamaican phone area code, which rocketed to the top of ITunes sales in only 2 hours ! Needless to say, Campbell is hot fire in the industry of popular Reggae and is currently representing the culture on tour in Germany, on his “In The 876 Winter Tour”.
Campbell has a pretty consistent record of great videos, and this short story of two youths from the ghetto is no exception. The song and video for “Best Friend” shows Campbell’s soft side, and is hands down one of the sweetest videos of all time. Nothing but feel-good vibes and positive messaging, it takes a moment to step back and appreciate the little things that make life worth living.