The Rise of Mother Feather!

Mother Feather at Bowery Electric April 2016
Mother Feather at Bowery Electric April 2016
Mother Feather at Bowery Electric April 2016

A lot has happened when we last featured our local favorite Mother Feather. This year they were signed to Metal Blade Records, made two new videos, released a full length album and will now tour this Summer with the 2016 Vans Warped Tour! The self-titled full length album has no big surprises for longtime Mother Feather fans. It features all the pop cock rock songs you know by heart on the two previous EPs but also includes two previously unreleased recordings of fan sing-along athems, Natural Disaster and The Power. With the recent release of the LP and the publicity push, longtime fans can look forward to seeing a lot of new faces at the live shows and vicariously live through recent converts that feeling of falling in love with the fabulous five for the first time all over again. Mother Feather by Mother Feather is available in two vinyl recordings, one in a limited edition gold color, and also in Compact Disc form along with the requisite digital download. The two videos recently released are for Living, Breathing, which featured fans including yours truly, and Mirror, a captivating, minimalistic music video that deserves repeated viewing. All these recent developments in the rise of the band has injected the live performances with more energy than ever, so if the quintet is ever in your area, this would be the perfect time to get to know them! Mother Feather performs June 18 at the Bowery Electric and then it’s on to The Vans Warped Tour from July to August! If ever you knew that a band is right at the cusp of becoming a big deal, just look for the vitriol that the band is receiving through social media, but you know, haters gonna hate and whatevs and if doesn’t kill you, it only makes you strongerer. We hope to properly catch up with them when they get back from time zone hopping and kicking asp and coming at ya!

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Ann Courtney and Mothe Feather

Text and Photos by Josef Pinlac