Should I Break Up With This Hipster?


Everybody agrees on this one: dump him!

I’ve been seen this guy for a couple of weeks now, but I got the feeling he doesn’t really take me seriously, don’t get me wrong, I wanna have just as much fun as the next girl, but all we do is go to these obscure bars and then back to his place. I wonder if he even has any friends… Any time I ask him to come hang out with me and my friends he comes up with a lame excuse. He’s always too busy in his studio or whatever, which I think it’s cool, but sometimes I call him and he abruptly hangs up. I don’t know what’s going on and he won’t tell me. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug?


  1. anitadoeswhatshewants answered: You’re his fuck buddy. Dump him if that’s not what you want.block
  2. toonervoustoeatberries answered: I say not. He’s just a busy guy, I guess. If she can’t handle the busy lifestyle he has, and just take the time her gives her, then pull it.
  3. flatgavininnewyork answered: Get rid of him and not have anything serious with me.
  4. rgkarma answered: fuck that hipster, you can have me
  5. rachelcunningham answered: just stop talking to him and see if he notices. if he doesnt: see ya.

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