Soulwax Remixes Tame Impala’s “Let It Happen”


Tame Impala fans were delighted this afternoon to find an email from none other than the heady band itself in their inbox. Before their latest album Currents was released, the first single “Let It Happen” was initially only downloaded through an emailed link. Now, the electronically innovative hit has reappeared in remix form. The Belgian electronic band Soulwax has worked their magic, elongating the track and building upon its already well-established thought-provoking atmosphere. The remix was first heard on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show earlier today.

Akin to its title Currents, the album has an incredibly smooth flow that is naturally complimented by Soulwax’s electronic groove that veers more towards the likes of alternative rock than the jittery rapture of dance music. The nine-minute remix’s longer intro is the audio equivalent of the way a camera lens slowly focuses in on an image. The same few notes repeat themselves and as the layers echo and fade in and out, we feel as though we’re entering the song through a tunnel. The cerebral mix isolates the incomings and departures of strings and electronic sound effects, making it possible to track the progression of the song and Parker’s own inner state. Listen to it here.