Sweater Beats remixes Alesso’s “Cool”


New York based Sweater Beats who has been dubbed the “Beat Guru” from his dream-soaked pop and lushed out r&b work in the future bass/ beat scene, has hit once again by going above and beyond in his remix of Alesso‘s latest track “Cool” ft. Roy English. Usually I find that remixes never fully match up to the original, but in this case it was impossible to choose since both versions were equally matched in quality but varied so much in style. While Alesso’s original “cool” has a more upbeat funk. Sweater Beats rendition of the song makes for a heavier symphonic rendition that is slightly smoother and can be played  in a more relaxed environment than just on the dance floor. This remix  is part of  a collection of remixes for “Cool” that features up-and-coming and celebrated producers alike to honor Alesso’s highly anticipated upcoming debut album (more info coming soon ;p ). Listen below and to decide for yourself which version you like more.