Ta-ku “You&I” with Compilation Album Release

“You&I” by Ta-ku from brrwd love volume one

Track Review:

Minimalist music incorporates static charged energy in Ta-ku’s fresh track “You&I.” Seductive and sultry, Ta-ku incorporates sensual imagery with his vocals and follows up with visual stimulation inspired by his photography.

Album Release:

Jakarta Records, a Berlin-based label, joined with Repeat Pattern to form a new creative label: brrwd. Joyce said, “As it turns out, Ta-ku is a lot more than just beautiful beats” (PigeonsandPlanes). The compilation album, brrwd love volume one, works by pairing specific images with an accompanying sound. Ta-ku is no stranger to the power of aestheticism, and he weaves art to capture one’s senses. “[brrwd love volume one] is the beginning of a 10” series that is as much a photographic series as a music focused one” (BandCamp). “No one Else’s” is currently available for purchase, but you can listen to “You&I” via SoundCloud till the album release.

Tracks included:

“No one Else’s” by Repeat Pattern x Ta-ku

“You&I” by Ta-ku

“Pink.Blue” by Pink Slifu x Malik Abjul-Rahmaan

“Division” by Yagi

“Yung” by Abhi/Dijon x Submerse

“$~tnsion” by Fitz Amro$e

“Prim,” by Submerse x Lee (Asano + Ryeuhei)

“Dolce,” by Dil Withers.

Shout to Sources: PigeonsandPlanes, SoundCloud, BandCamp


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