Tame Impala – “Currents”


Australian psychedelic rock outfit Tame Impala is about to put out their third studio album titled “Currents” on July 17th on Interscope Records. However, you can listen to all of the tracks a few days before the official release if you are curious since they are all currently being streamed for free on NPR’s website.

“Currents” is somewhat different from what Kevin Parker and his group have put out in the past as it has more EDM leanings rather than the rock vibe they had been somewhat known for. There are still some minor hints of rock here and there, but they are by no means the domineering force of the album. The electric guitar certainly does take the back burner in the mix. Many of the tracks on “Currents” have a somewhat vintage 80’s synth pop feel to them while also keeping the overtones just modern enough to still be considered new, fresh, and relevant to today’s young listeners. Many of the tracks have easy to dance to rhythms while also being psychedelic enough to lose yourself in if you immerse yourself into the music enough. This is an adventure of an album worth embarking on if you want something different.

Joshua Leep
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