That’s it?

That’s it?

Oh Chris Brown…

The Ike Turner of our generation that got away with near murder, after his brutal beating against pop princess Rihanna. One can only explain that he got away with the crime with no jail time due to his celebrity status. The saddest part is that he still played on the radio airwaves, wins awards, and was not nearly punished enough by the general public for his brutality. It’s no surprise that the violent tempered star lied about his hours of community service in regards to a car accident in which he was at fault and did shit about it. Originally he only received 180 days of labor and probation for nearly killing Rihanna. After the car accident, his original previous probation in regards to the violent crime against his ex-girlfriend was annulled, and now he is sentenced to 1,000 hours of labor (which i still don’t find sufficient punishment), having to re-do his previous hours of labor too. I am still sad he has not been raped in jail…but this is a small step for Chris (aka Ike Turner 2.0) – and a giant step towards celebrities not getting away with horrific crimes.



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Written by Amarantha Da Cruz

Writer, editor, witch, and founder of OyeDrum Magazine.
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