Tideland – “All I Know”


Washington, VA based gunge band Tideland has just premiered “Let Me In”, the single from their upcoming album “Love Luster” which will be released on Robotic Empire on August 21st and can be listened to on their BandCamp page here.

“Let Me In” is a beautifully sludgy grunge-like song. It has early to mid-90’s alternative music written all over it, yet it still has enough modern nuances and production to it to keep it from sounding overly dated. The guitar sounds absolutely humongous and elephant-like. It’s like a bunch of tanks rolling over a field. The vocals also have a bit of a shoegaze feel to them, all the more reason to relish in the 90’s goodness of the song.

Noisey complimented the blending of genres in “Let Me In” saying:

There isn’t much else one could want than a beautiful, crushing combination between grunge and shoegaze. The mixing of both genres is one of the best parts of Tideland.

“Love Luster” can be pre-ordered from Tideland’s BandCamp page as well.


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