Watch: Sleater-Kinney Performances at Pitchfork Music Festival

Sleater Kinney - Roundhouse, London 23/03/15 | Photo by Jason Williamson
Sleater Kinney – Roundhouse, London 23/03/15 | Photo by Jason Williamson

At the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago last month punk rock trio Sleater-Kinney rocked an electrifying set of tunes to a sold-out crowd. The show was so good that it racked up compliments in reviews from publications such as the New York Times, The AV Club, Billboard, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Brooklyn Vegan, etc.

Pitchfork TV filmed two of the most energetic and fierce songs from that performance: “Bury Our Friends” (from their highly praised new album “No Cities to Love) and “Entertain” (from their 2005 album “The Woods”). Both performances can be watched below. Sleater-Kinney put everything they had into the performance; getting so into the vibe of the moment that they were jumping around like wild animals and even started knocking over their own equipment at certain points. These ladies certainly do not hold back when it comes to rocking out. They have the true spirit of rock n’ roll in their hearts and are not afraid to express it to anyone willing to listen to them. The whirlwind set at Pitchfork Music Festival is enough to prove that and then some.

Sleater-Kinney have announced tour dates for late November through December. More info can be found here.


“Bury Our Friends”


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