Wavves: “Heavy Metal Detox”

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from rollingstone.com

Indie rock band Wavves has added a new release to their SoundCloud stream. The track “Heavy Metal Detox” will be part of their upcoming album V, which will be available October 2nd. The album will also include two previously released tracks “Flamezesz” and “Way Too Much.”

The new album, whose cover features the Roman numeral V and a man with five chalices of spilled blood, alludes to the tarot card “Five of Cups.” The mystical symbol foretells sorrow over past events and regret. This may not be a new theme for the band. On the self-loathing tone of Wavves’ third studio album Afraid of Heights Williams told Pitchfork:

“While I was making the first couple of records, I was living at my parents’ house and didn’t have to worry about anything. It’s different now. I mean, I’m not old yet, but getting old sucks.”

This same loathing, perhaps more so towards the outside world, comes across clearly in “Heavy Metal Detox” when lead singer Nathan Williams expresses his desire to stay within his own mind. He sings:

“I’m not doing anything today, I don’t care what you say…I can’t pretend this is all a dream. Have I lived too long? Why does my head hurt?”

The guitar tune delivers a skater boy-esque angst with its cool yet clearly fed-up attitude. The reverb effects in the chorus add to the emotional distress and juvenile frustration at everyone and everything.

V marks Wavves’ second album released this year.

Hillary Crawford
Hillary Crawford
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