What Will Happen When the Hipsters Disappear?

 What comes after the hipsters? Will Goths reign again? Did they ever? Will Alf get a much deserving remake? Is Alec Baldwin ever going to leave 30 Rock? Who is Carles? Are we ever going to see a mashup of Best Coast and Beach House? Will you call it Best House or Beach Coast? So many questions. And that’s why Flavorwire consulted the specialists.

Bruce Michael Conforth, PhD, Professor of American Culture at the University of Michigan:

There’s really no way of knowing what will emerge after the hipster for several reasons. The first is that the hipster really isn’t a movement at all but rather an affectation that has been perceived as being a movement by a consumer culture desperately in needs of trends. Norman Mailer, in his seminal essay The White Negro, seemed to see the hipster as a combination of the nonconformist, the bohemian, the antisocial delinquent, and the Negro; all of whom were either marginalized or self-marginalized in order to be “Hip” as opposed to being “Square” or “Mainstream.”

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Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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