Where Do Hipsters Hang Out?


  1.  betsytownsend365 answered: Starbux
  2.  kerstinisacreeper answered: Chipolte
  3.  ohally answered: the des moines social club!
  4.  ayduenez answered: in cafes or where there are a large amount of people
  5.  joelrhine answered: In bitchin’ coffee shops.
  6.  spillingsecrets answered: starbucks
  7.  case-monster answered: places that sell coffee
  8.  icantbecleaned answered: McCarren Park, BK
  9.  wavesoffuture answered: Like, wherever.
  10.  thestepster answered: My empty patio and grassy backyard.
  11.  collectionofnothing answered: they don’t believe in ‘hanging out’, although sometimes they visit each other’s houses to wear leggings and draw triangles.
  12.  claireeeeee answered: Local cafes.
  13.  flashrevolution answered: At my place. We watch The Office and sometimes I like to read “Tweak” by Nic Sheff outloud.
  14.  tatechow answered: any place that ends in “coffee shop” or “outfitters”
  15.  iwilldestroy answered: Some place to indie for you to ever know about.
  16.  scottyttocs answered: Starbucks
  17.  cocoholidae answered: If they told you, they would have to kill you. But you probably haven’t heard about it because it’s so obscure.
  18.  burnitandwalk answered: urban outfitters. nodoubtaboutit.
  19.  peachclobber answered: independently owned coffee shops
  20.  petiemachell answered: Anywhere with coffee!
  21.  floflotangerine answered: the back row of my philosophy class, scowling at the floor
  22.  chnl answered: Places you’ve probably never heard of before.
  23.  tamedpapermoon answered: coffeeshops.
  24.  idfunfilms answered: on main roads with their fixies like assholes
  25.  ilovethewayyourock answered: record stores, basements, secret coffee shops
  26.  notcroissant answered: whole foodz. ho foodz
  27.  drewbhall answered: nowhere. everywhere else is too corporate.
  28.  lifeandotherimportantthings answered: In an alley next to a candy factory…most definately
  29.  banana-bird answered: They have a picnic somewhere and read aloud from “The Bell Jar’
  30.  doloreshayes answered: Whole Foods
  31.  angelicaako27 reblogged this from hipsterdate
  32.  angelicaako27 answered: in Sofia . :))
  33.  carameljew answered: in the american appearal backstock room
  34.  rhinestoneeyes answered: Various forests and woods.
  35.  lifeisjusttodie answered: Brooklyn
  36.  nnnat answered: Urban Outfitters
  37.  trumpy303 answered: abandoned buildings
  38.  grindface answered: Trick question, hipsters don’t hang out. They chill. And they usually chill in the vicinity of bands nobody knows at bars nobody goes to.
  39.  hellothisisbowen answered: that brand new bar that is just getting some hype… but hurry because as soon as everyone finds out, they’re gone!
  40.  therockinghorse answered: where ever good music is played.
  41.  yeeeahboi answered: bars duh
  42.  funkehjosie answered: HANCOCK PARK
  43.  lovealways-pati answered: urban outfitters.
  44.  5minuteshit answered: In a skip
  45.  lucialovesyou answered: starbucks and thrift shops and art galleries :)
  46.  double-vee answered: wherever the real artists hung out three years ago
  47.  hilsieg answered: dolores park
  48.  everythingisgoingtobeokay answered: IT’S NOT THAT WELL KNOWN YOU WOULDN’T HAVE HEARD OF IT
  49.  missalleha answered: Teazers
  50.  thejojokid answered: where ever their trust fund allows them to…
  51.  thewinterfreshpoopghost answered: Coffee Shops, and Lofts in old downtown
  52.  amyelise answered: On common fountains at universities instead of going to class
  53.  sanbabcock answered: Behind the local Giant
  54.  tworainclouds answered: under a tree in a field at night
  55.  nowholeself answered: What, you didn’t know? Pssh.
  56.  odetoinconsistency answered: Williamsburg and Adams Morgan
  57.  figisaacnewton answered: They don’t hang out, they sit and take pictures of themselves in ironic situations.
  58.  fatrickispat answered: in my bed
  59.  gregeron answered: At cool coffee shops, where they either: listen to their ipods, ‘type’ on their macs, play their guitars, or talk about being hip.
  60.  fireworksablaze answered: at The Snell
  61.  mrevaaaaa answered: fucking starbucks
  62.  thirty-six answered: Illy and any new Gelato store.
  63.  easyerik answered: coffee shops
  64.  braddleyyyy answered: coffeee shops!
  65.  powers-that-be answered: the meanwhile.
  66.  thewisetruth answered: Wherever you aren’t.
  67.  notcoolintekul answered: in my backyard. we’re having a garden party with cupcakes and ice cream. hipsters are cutiepies, just like everyone else. yummy.
  68.  elliotmontague answered: Hipsters don’t ‘Hang out’ they just happen to show up, they don’t even want to be there.
  69.  weightedbythinking answered: RECORD STORES
  70.  hiphopthugster answered: somewhere that is so uncool it’s cool
  71.  faysbook answered: Underground places that are so new that you haven’t even heard of them yet xxx
  72.  sudhershi answered: downtown toronto, indie shows and coffee shops
  73.  anitayllee answered: is irony a place? probably there.
  74.  nkoskinen answered: The thrift store.
  75.  goldman answered: The White Castle on Metropolitan Avenue.
  76.  jkss answered: xlib club, moda bar, hudgraph gallery bar. kiev, ukraine
  77.  intergalacticplanetary answered: its very underground, you’ve probably never heard of it.
  78.  everythingunbroken answered: obscure places you’ve never heard of
  79.  kamaukamaukamau answered: where we will hang out in 5 years.
  80.  midnightsouls answered: coffee joints
  81.  worldmindvictoria answered: Underground coffee shops, totally hip.
  82.  teendrama answered: tumblr
  83.  lauramouthfarts answered: wherever they do they would never admit to hanging out there, for fear that other hipsters would catch on
  84.  alwaysthevillain answered: Elmwood village.
  85.  samvelasquez answered: N.7th and Bedford
  86.  freshismydayjob answered: Texas Beach, Richmond, VA
  87.  andhurl answered: coffee shops
  88.  zenofblogging answered: Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. and Union Sq in Manhattan
  89.  hipsterwhiskers answered: starbucks
  90.  mandaflewaway answered: outside shows 3 hours before they start
  91.  yeaimpiercedbetchhh answered: starbucks,mudspot

Thanks for the answers, hipsters! I’ll have to say though, the new hipster hang out spot is pretty sweet. Can’t tell you where it is. You know.

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Tag Brum
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