Where I Try To Make a Point About The Future


At some point back in 2008 I bought an iPhone with the purpose (insert better synonym here) of using WordPress on the go. This was when Twitter first came out and I created an account because first adopter. Or so I thought. Not the point, moving on. I wanted to make posts on the go and having an iPhone meant I had a computer in my pocket. Except it wasn’t. Not even close. It was stupid slow. The camera sucked. Well, you remember. It’s not like I’m describing some ancient technology!

The WordPress app was buggy and lackluster. It made sense: how can you hope for a powerful engine on a VW Bug? Today I find myself without a computer and without an iPhone.  That’s right. I’m writing this post on a text app on my Android phone. Before I forget: Android sucks. I have a Samsung phone, but not the one you are thinking. It’s irrelevant to this story. The point is, I think we’re there. Or quite close.

You know, hoverboards, perfect weather forecasts, flying cars the future there. And mind you, I’m not gonna go into a whole investigation on science and technology to make my point. I’m just going to point out that I don’t own a computer (I’m not some kind of luddite or part of the anti-future wing of illuminatti) and I can write this post, watch netflix, stalk my exes on social media, and be rejected by an insurmountable wave of people on Tinder with better technology than they had to go to the moon. Although I think I’d be rejected by the same amount of people there too.

At this point in my journey back home on the E train (I’m underwater going through a tunnel as I write this) everything seems astounding about this process, but I still have to download the WordPress app and see if it works like it’s 2014. Update: so far It does. I apologise for all the typos and grammatical errors, but I don’t apologise at all. #sorrynotsorry Update: it does the job, but as with all things Android, it’s buggy. Ugh.

I have been trying to find the sweet spot to create my posts, but just like when you are dating someone you know you shouldn’t, but fuck it, I’m bored, so I’ll do it anyways, I never fully committed to this phone and its capabilities. I’m not even sure if this post will see the light of day; since I just found somebody attractive enough to become a nice distraction in this short commutte home.

Eh, never mind, my view was blocked and now me and all the 9 ethnic diverse people in my quarters are paying attention to their phones. Kindred spirits.


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