Where Will Hipsters Be This Friday?


bassdrums, breasts, booze, blood-bartering, boa constrictors, blowup dolls, batteries, basslines…

but ABSOLUTELY NO babies. 

Open Bar 10-11. $2 entry before 11, $5 after 

This month we’re having a very special guest, Saheer Umar of House of House. If you’ve ever seen a House of House set you know what you’re in for, if you haven’t, do your homework. Saheer specializes in stripped down house, no bullshit, no gimmicks. Sexy vocals, pounding bass drums, godlike piano breaks, jacking basslines, music that’s engineered for you to dance sweatily among others doing the same. 

Aesthetics by A Pop
RINSED is Blacky II and Dan Wender

We’re back in the LOFT this month (unmarked door between Cubana Social and Music Hall of WIlliamsburg)

More info here. And more imp designs here.

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
Tag Brum lives in Brooklyn and writes things from a computer whenever wi-fi is available. You can follow him on Twitter @tagbrum.


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