Which Nominated Films Did Hipsters Watch on a Date? Answers


  1. You hipsters answered:


  2.  iseeyoudinosaur answered: Definitely watched 127 Hours
  3.  jackisroman answered: toy story 3
  4.  flatgavininnewyork answered: “The Social Network” but they hated it.
  5.  girlyouknowitsdrew answered: Black Swan. But I only saw King’s Speech. So there.
  6.  littleinsect answered: black swan ~
  7.  tomberamoureuxmaintenant answered: black swan
  8.  babythatsmundane answered: Toy Story 3 :p
  9.  fuckthesunset answered: we watched Black Swan.
  10.  decantchicago answered: black swan, inception
  11.  ponderpostbac answered: Exit Through the Gift Shop
  12.  j0scelyn answered: “watching movies is too mainstream and has turned so commercial, but check out this short film I produced with my iPhone”
  13.  waiting4droplets answered: True Grit
  14.  lemurtalk answered: True Grit. Sucked ass.
  15.  mikephillips answered: Winter’s Bone…cause you probably haven’t heard of it.
  16.  adrianarcher answered: none/other
  17.  sleethatsme answered: Black swan!
  18.  nojokesfact answered: Black Swan, bitch.
  19.  schuylerhiggins answered: Inception and claimed that they understood it completely.
  20.  thosegrapefruits answered: Pssh, The King’s Speech. Of course.
  21.  strawberryimpermanent answered: Nominees? So mainstream.
  22.  alecialynn answered: The Kids Are Alright
  23.  marthanatalia answered: Inception
  24.  tukoh answered: nominees are too mainstream.
  25.  zuffi answered: 127 hours
  26.  sunnyafternoons answered: The Kids are All Right
  27.  emmydilemmy answered: the kids are alright…if they watched any of them…which they probably didn’t
  28.  jkss answered: Winter’s Bone
  29.  itsandytime answered: They probably went and saw Black Swan and had in-depth conversations about the movies meaning over lattes at Starbucks. I didn’t get it.
  30.  michaelmclean answered: The Kids are All Right
  31.  allmylittlepsychosesandneuroses answered: The King’s Speech
  32.  thehipsterguide answered: SALT
  33.  penumbrae answered: black swan
  34.  teenidle answered: black swan
  35.  mew1 answered: Black Swan
  36.  alisonelizabeth answered: The King’s Speech and True Grit.
  37.  multimoulinette answered: The King’s Speech
  38.  victorielisa answered: Black Swan!!
  39.  bornfalling answered: They were too hipster for all of them…
  40.  ireadintothings answered: Black Swan
  41.  grayceeemae answered: Toy Story 3 (:
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