Wishyunu — Photoplay 7″


Wishyunu — Photoplay 7″

Bei Yan and Tony Bertaccini have been shape-shifting as Wishyunu (wish-you-knew) since 2008. They have consistently tweaked their electro-psych sound and DIY production style along the way. The result is a soothy/creepy combo that pairs well with diazepam and dark, warm room.

Wishyunu’s most recent release offers two more sonic pillows on which to lay our weary heads. The Portland duo delicately balances live drums and guitar with hard hitting synth to create a living flood of sound and emotion. Harmonious buildups swing from sweet, to troubled, and occasionally, to full on psychedelic freak-out. The lyrics grip the earth while the ghostly vocals follow the high-end of the synth to a multitude of  unnameable dimensions.

The 7″, released March of 2015, is more refined then the previous work and is the first single of their upcoming LP, “Ghost Ambition.”

Wishyunu plays “Last to Know” for opbmusic, Portland, OR, 7-7-15. To hear the whole set:


Wishyunu can be found on Spotify and is available for purchase on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. 



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