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Revamping, and covering songs is something that people have been doing on youtube for quite sometime. Often, it’s nice to find a song you like without the similar “four on the floor” behind it or without the algorythmic (pun intended) layering of synths. With that being said, sometimes these covers..well..the quality is…debatable, but let me tell you Yuwen and Weiwen aren’t in the category of “I’m going to see what people think” with their covers. From the first time I watched one of their videos I was instantly impressed by how naturally their voices complement each other. Regardless of being twins, harmonies like the ones they accomplish are often hard to come by (not to mention in certain youtube covers). I also do appreciate that everything is set up prior to them starting the video and the time between when I start to watch and when they start to sing is limited to only a few bubbly words and community shoutouts.

However, on the topic of their shoutouts, it’s not just the covers they do extremely well, they are also very involved in the community on social media (I think they will respond to almost every comment they get) they are also dedicated to making frequent new covers; they do everything they need to in order to establish a following.

But enough talk check out their cover of Still into You by Paramore. Because really that’s what you’re here for!

I was going to post a segment on how I think they should try to get a few more instruments going but they’ve just released a new one that restricts any negative comments I could have; my favourite one to date and I can’t help but post it! Hopefully they don’t mind ;). Not mention they produced the track themselves! I have no doubt these girls are on the way.

Anyways, I’m sure you guys will be checking out more of their things on youtube but here’s their other social media links!


Yuwen Twitter
Weiwen Twitter

If you are looking for more take a look at the about section in their videos!

Thomas Hulsmans
Thomas Hulsmans
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