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  • Interview – Jacques Lizotte
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    Interview – Jacques Lizotte

    Visual artists today are vast and equally fascinating all the way through. With the simplicity of broadcasting individual art out into the world, art is being viewed and consumed like never before. The connections and share-ability is unique in this visual medium. One such artist, Jacques Lizotte, is doing it well as an active participant […] More

  • Interview: Eileen Noonan
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    Interview: Eileen Noonan

    Abstract art is a far reaching genre of the visual medium. Most of the pieces displayed in the world truly open the viewer’s mind to various emotional interpretations through countless moments. Eileen Noonan’s work is a prime example of such exemplary style. While her paintings seem explosive and chaotic, there is a sense of precise […] More

  • Interview: David Flores
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    Interview: David Flores

    With urban art on the rise socially, the artists who take part within are not only successful on the walls of their city, but showcase their aesthetic across more endless mediums. Each design and style match the artistic magicians behind the craft. David Flores is one such artist whose stylistic fashion is easily recognizable. With […] More

  • Interview: Robert Peterson
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    Interview: Robert Peterson

    Art is truly a medium of humanity. For some, the genres within shift across the entire spectrum either by chance or choice. Each piece has its lasting impressions spanning the artists that create them. Most art tends to succeed best when it lingers in the mind of the observer. Contemporary visual artist, Robert Peterson, is […] More

  • Interview: Falcon View Aerial Photography
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    Interview: Falcon View Aerial Photography

    “Get off the ground with Falcon View Aerials.” Drones are the next big things in art. Aerial photography is on the frontier of a whole new expedition of art being explored across the world. The sky is no longer the limit. Artists now have the chance to survey new heights in their work. In the […] More

  • M83 Interview Details New Track Album Release
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    M83 Interview Details New Track Album Release

    “Solitude” by M83 from Junk Track Review: Piano keys guide the listener through an intergalactic time-bend. Synth sounds and whispering vocals lead one on a journey of “Solitude.” Love seems fleeting, near unobtainable, but then in comes jazz horn notes and slide guitar. The tempo builds. I feel like M83’s new track would be stellar […] More

  • Interview: Patrick Kana
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    Interview: Patrick Kana

    Talent is usually a part of someone’s craft that defines them in many ways. Luckily, some are a bit more diverse than just their talent. Artists today are multifaceted people who use their skills and personality in various aspects of their lives. It is very rare to witness one artist’s progression and admire the fact […] More

  • Interview: Megan Elizabeth
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    Interview: Megan Elizabeth

    It is time to get creative again with the best of modern visual arts this fall. To take a break from the musical scene for a bit, the world of painting has been thriving of late with so many different themes sweeping the space. One of the many artists who are constantly creating with much […] More

  • Interview: Pascale Armand
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    Interview: Pascale Armand

    You never know when certain people will show up in the bustle that is New York City. Three years ago I moved to the urban jungle to start working at a new gig with an ed-tech company located in midtown Manhattan. Little did I know that I would be plunging myself in a space with […] More

  • Interview: Modern Vices
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    Interview: Modern Vices

    “That’s the Chicago way!” ~ Sean Connery The Untouchables Truer words have never been spoken. This past weekend, I had the privilege of chatting with the laid-back boys of Modern Vices (MV), the kings of The Windy City. Modern Vices consists of 5 lads: Alex Rebek [vocals], Peter Scoville [Guitar], Thomas Peters [Guitar], Miles Kalchik […] More

  • Interview: Olga Krimon
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    Interview: Olga Krimon

    It is a rare luxury when you get to follow up with an artist who is truly making an impact in the fine art space. A short time ago I discovered a woman who had an amazing collection of original paintings that just blew me away. My jaw dropped at her intricate use of color […] More

  • Interview: Abraham Amkpa
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    Interview: Abraham Amkpa

    Throughout my stay in NYC, I have met many fascinating people; especially artists who are always attempting to make their dreams a reality. Two years ago I met an actor who constantly seemed to be working hard towards a different role throughout the city. We became friends. Luckily, we were both working at the same […] More

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