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  • Interview – Robert Walter
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    Interview – Robert Walter

    Fall is beckoning and with it comes the cool autumn tunes. After a dramatic and full summer of intense heat and vibes, the music is set to go into a more solid groove. Thanks to artists like Robert Walter, musical adventures are sure to offer a well-needed respite from the hectic season. The man, made […] More

  • Interview – Sister Sparrow
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    Interview – Sister Sparrow

    Summer is in its final heated push and the music to come is still as strong as ever. For folks skeptical and pessimistic of the tunes breaking through this season, they have many reasons to be overjoyed this upcoming autumn. Sister Sparrow, who is famous for tracks such as Mama Knows from ‘The Weather Below’ […] More

  • Interview – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
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    Interview – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

    As the United States of America is set to celebrate it’s annual birthday tomorrow, the sweltering heat is taking over with familiar ease. Luckily, all of the holiday entertainment will be well situated with the introduction and anticipation of summer tunes to come. With the usual seasonal boom of music already in full swing, Daniel […] More

  • Interview – Million Miles
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    Interview – Million Miles

    Summer has finally arrived and with it the familiar unrelenting heat! Listeners far and wide returning back from their Father’s Day festivities of the weekend by the pool barbecuing are sure to seek some solace with tunes along the way. With the season’s release schedule of non-stop musical goodies, it is hard to truly find […] More

  • Interview – Ra Ra Riot
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    Interview – Ra Ra Riot

    Let summer enter the city scape with its warm bliss. On top of that, while enjoying those desired moments outside, music fans will be busy re-listening to some of their favorite tracks by the legendary musical act, Ra Ra Riot. Ten years ago, their stunning collection of music from the album ‘The Rhumb Line’ brought them […] More

  • Interview – The National Reserve
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    Interview – The National Reserve

    The National Reserve Interview Brooklyn’s The National Reserve is pleased to announce their second studio album Motel La Grange (Ramseur Records) out everywhere NOW. Check the interview below! For nearly half a decade, The National Reserve has spent its Friday nights lighting it up at a Brooklyn bar, winning over barflies with epic sets and […] More

  • Interview – Patrick Paige II
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    Interview – Patrick Paige II

    Let the sunshine finally melt the winter away and bring the spring vibes to their full effect! City-goers are now free to wander the streets enjoying the cool breeze and to dream of the summer yet to come. Then again, it actually feels like summer with this sudden heat. Naturally, with all of these optimistic […] More

  • Interview – Keaton Simons
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    Interview – Keaton Simons

      When folks enter the collegiate world, few would be prepared for the influx of music that comes pouring through on campus. Not only that, but much of that music stays with listeners well into the future as a permanent staples in their catalogue. Musicians who leave this mark are successful in striking a resilient […] More

  • Interview – Miss Olithea
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    Interview – Miss Olithea

    More than a year ago, music listeners travelled out in droves to catch the legendary Olithea Anglin wow audiences with her stunning voice at Rockwood Music Hall. As luck would have it, the woman has not slowed down in the least since then. With the release of her latest single, The Enemy, already making magic […] More

  • Interview – Soulive
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    Interview – Soulive

    Few music acts can withstand the longevity of a career in the expanding and well-populated industry. However, sometimes talent and a dash of solid luck makes for a magical journey that never seems to stop. This is all too true for the jazz-funk trio Soulive. Made up of musicians; Eric Krasno, Alan and Neal Evans, […] More

  • Interview – AJ Hobbs
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    Interview – AJ Hobbs

    Despite the lackluster Grammies of 2018 for yet another year, there was still plenty of great music that came out from the chaotic 2017. Most tunes were unexpected delights and there was no exception from the genre of country by way of California. AJ Hobbs, a man of strong musical substance, is leaving an impression […] More

  • Interview – Calexico
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    Interview – Calexico

    Hello 2018! With a natural fresh start filled with optimistic vibes, there can only one way to make it a reality, with some solid music. Luckily, the men of Calexico, Joey Burns and John Convertino will be sure to succeed in that regard with their ninth album ‘The Thread That Keeps Us’ set to be […] More

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