Chance The Rapper’s Former Manager Sues For Millions And Drops Sick Burn

Pat Corcoran also says that he was fired by Chance the Rapper and replaced him with his father Ken and brother Taylor Bennett because of "fan disappointment in Bennett's latest album (The Big Day) and underwhelming fan support for his associated tour." The relationship between Corcoran and Chance obviously started to break when Chance announced a release date for his debut album in February 2019. From the lawsuit:

Having enjoyed repeated success with the release of his first three mixtapes—10 Day, Acid Rap, and Coloring Book—Bennett announced on February 11, 2019 (without consulting with or giving advance notice to Corcoran) that he would release his first studio album in July of that year. Given the significant amount of work, care, and attention needed to produce an album, Corcoran expressed serious concern with the projected release date Bennett had unilaterally announced for the album. Corcoran knew that in view of the commitments Bennett had in early 2019—including his own wedding—it was likely there was not enough time for the creative process that was involved in releasing an album, and Corcoran advised Bennett in that regard.Corcoran opposed announcing the release of any album before the recording or writing process even began, let alone was substantially completed. Compounding the issue, Bennett’s recording efforts were compromised by unproductive and undisciplined studio sessions. Procrastination and lackadaisical effort, perpetuated by various hangers-on uninterested in the hard work of writing and recording, resulted in a freestyle-driven product of sub-par quality, a complete deviation from the meticulous writing process that brought Bennett fame for his wordplay and wit.

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