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  • Review: Satellites in Orbit -That’s True
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    Review: Satellites in Orbit -That’s True

    With the static originality of Biz Markie and the strange sound grandeur of Beastie Boys, Satellites in Orbit deliver a strong spacey punk rap single. Check out “That’s True” for yourself below. There’s a lot to digest here, lyrically and musically. The beat is all over the place, and I mean that in the best […] More

  • Review: Serinity Lynn – U & Me
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    Review: Serinity Lynn – U & Me

    If you took the current climate of the Ariana Grande stanbase and combined it with the cheesy-yet-cutesy songs of Rebecca Black, you’d have an adequate idea of how the latest Serinity Lynn sounds to me. “U & Me” officially drops in two days. Here is a version from two years ago you should check out […] More

  • Review: SONI – Dance With Me
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    Review: SONI – Dance With Me

    A word from Buttercuts Records labelhead Andy Oury regarding SONI and her constant passion for making her music. “She is probably the most positive human being I have ever met. Full of nothing but hope, positivity and love. And when she sings I hear emotion and beauty stream from her soul out of her mouth.” […] More

  • Review: A Killer’s Confession – Last Chance
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    Review: A Killer’s Confession – Last Chance

    Well, for one thing, these guys rock. The Cleveland, OH-based Rock group A Killer’s Confession are on somewhat of a hot streak. Fresh off the release of their new single “Last Chance”, released April 10 via Wake Up Music Rocks. Take a listen to the song below! The track showcases the band’s crushing musical output as well as frontman […] More

  • Review: Shihori – Perfect Imperfection
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    Review: Shihori – Perfect Imperfection

    “I got stuck in the memories, I fear I fear to get out.” Shihori’s latest single is a powerful one. Listen to it below for yourself. Shiori Nakane’s music is original, especially her lyrical work here on this track. The word choices in this song are great, as well as her consistence to feign away […] More

  • Review: Blunda – Pulling For You
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    Review: Blunda – Pulling For You

    Pulling For You is a five track EP that soars through an amalgam of different soundscapes. With the airy vocal tread of Chris Martin, Blunda shows off his range of televisually successful music. The artist composed the background tunes for Season 5 of Jay Leno’s Garage, and when the pandemic hit, he took a step […] More

  • Review: Gina Volpe & Grapefruit Sound Lab – Shine
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    Review: Gina Volpe & Grapefruit Sound Lab – Shine

    This song has a golden internet era charm to it, the kind you’d hear Cher’s autotune savvy scream out into the digital void. Yet, “Shine is an atomically trippy number, the type of song that bridles sexual tension with an electronically, star-shining breaking beat. Give the new Gina Volpe & Grapefruit Sound Lab a listen […] More

  • Review: Sluka – Vampire’s Ball
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    Review: Sluka – Vampire’s Ball

    This song. Maaaan. It is a lot. A whooooole lot to handle. With the screeching of early 80’s Ozzy, Sluka creates a dramatically absurd song that incites life, human liberty, and of course, vampires never looking back on life. Give “Vampire’s Ball” a listen yourself below! The opening piano work is strong, and for a […] More

  • Review: Benjamin Elia$ – On The Way
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    Review: Benjamin Elia$ – On The Way

    With a glowing of Mac Miller meets Tyler, The Creator vibes, the lyrics and music come together beautifully on the latest Benjamin Elia$ project. On The Way opens with “OTW.” Give it a listen below! “This album is about self-discovery. I tried to create a project that really takes you on that journey. There are […] More

  • Review: Keep On Driving – Geoff Gibbons
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    Review: Keep On Driving – Geoff Gibbons

    I really loved listening to this song. The latest Geoff Gibbons is a hopeful, “tired of the grind” and barely surviving rock agility with beautiful guitar work to boot. Give “Keep On Driving” a listen below. There’s a happy struggle to be living when you hear Gibbons sing. The claps and jangled guitar come together […] More

  • Review: Erich Mrak – Girls
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    Review: Erich Mrak – Girls

    With a light, airy muddled Daft Punk canter, Erich Mrak’s latest single is a summer banger for the ages. Give “Girls” a listen below and see for yourself! I love the melody and murky atmosphere that Mrak puts together here, introspective but without a doubt insanely danceable. The guitar work is incendiary, griddled between smooth […] More

  • Review: Planeteria – Chris Ianuzzi
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    Review: Planeteria – Chris Ianuzzi

    If you are not a fan of trippy music, you may not like this album. If you are not a fan of interstellar madness, you may not like this album. But, if you are a fan of intergalactic psychedelia with a sense of dripping flow, well my friend, you have come to the right place […] More

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