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  • Swaré – Truth
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    Swaré – Truth

    Follow Swaré: Tweets by IamSware Watch the Official Video: Lyrics: Did you forget what your mother told you (ooh) Did you forget where you came from There’s a shadow hanging over you It’s when you walk, it’s when you run Well I know you dreaming of living life with no regrets But now… More

  • Steelings – Glowing
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    Steelings – Glowing

    Follow Steelings: Tweets by Steelings1 Listen on the official YT channel: Lyrics: No sense in arguing who’s wrong or right Waste all our energy, we’re up all night Isn’t it obvious we’re losing sight Of what our purpose is? We’ve got to unite This is our time Every hour This is our flight Flight… More

  • Harris Mac – The Hunt
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    Harris Mac – The Hunt

    Follow Harris Mac: Lyrics: Thought I had you locked uptight It happened every night, ayo Better get your satellite And a photo But don’t know wrong from right, oh no And I get your monologue Kicked out before the sun come up, ayo I bet she wanted more But she never could… More

  • Volks – Me And My Broken Heart (feat. Mimi)
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    Volks – Me And My Broken Heart (feat. Mimi)

    Follow Volks: Follow Mimi: Lyrics: Lying on our bed babe, on your side babe, alone with your scent I’m on my own now, without your love, too late to repent Why do you get to move on like that, like we didn’t matter? I’m suffocating like I am trying to breathe underwater Feel… More

  • Scoobert Doobert – My Mind Is Slowly Slipping (feat. Babidi)
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    Scoobert Doobert – My Mind Is Slowly Slipping (feat. Babidi)

    Follow Scoobert Doobert: Tweets by scoobert_doobie Watch the Full Visual Album: Lyrics: Dirty in the furnace I’m tryna keep all the bugs out Not sure where you heard it (first) But now all the people scream and show Trees feeling deserted With the Kafka skies as a nuclear blow Who’s here to report this?… More

  • JohnT – Crazy For Your Love
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    JohnT – Crazy For Your Love

    Follow JohnT: Tweets by JohnT____ Watch on the official YT channel: Lyrics: Made a mistake last night Maybe I can make it right No need to be mad Hate to see you sad Yes I know I’m crazy Crazy about your love I know I’m a flirt sometimes I know I get drunk… More

  • Nirob Islam – Busy Making Plans
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    Nirob Islam – Busy Making Plans

    Follow Nirob Islam: Lyrics: I land, You take off, Make plans, Just to break ‘em off, It’s like you in Japan And I’m in France, We never see I each other, I don’t really understand When I see the sun, You see the sunset, Always gotta leave, When we ain’t even done yet,… More

  • dom champ – Slow
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    dom champ – Slow

    Follow dom champ: Tweets by dom_champ Watch the Official Video: Lyrics: Dominic demonic There’s a villain in this comic Dominic just stop it You killing all these sonics Dominic demonic You used to be so modest Dommy dom dom got it Dommy sound too iconic Step and leap and bound to beat the… More

  • L!NK – Born To Win
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    L!NK – Born To Win

    Follow L!NK: Tweets by CreatedByLINK Lyrics: You wanna kick it with them big dogs? Or get slaughtered on site with the sick hogs Stay sharp, stay slick and shoot quick Adapt as a blacksmith if the shoe fits Music moves from your heart It’s the notes off the chart It’s the flow from… More

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