Girls – Season 3 Episode 3 D-Recap

girls-s03s03-1D-Recap, short for dialogue recap is a recap using an interpretation of what happened in the episode through dialogue that may or may not have been in the episode, therefore freeing this recap of spoilers.

Hannah: Marnie, I love you, but now you’re just embarrassing me. Fuck me, Adam! It’s ma birthday! Hold that thought, I need to pee.

Ray: Hey, Shosh. You know, what? Fuck you. Respect the queue, JCM! Matchless is not that cool.

Jessa: *Smirk*

Caroline: Nom Nom Nom

Marnie: Wah, wah, wah! I suck, but I know he’s checking my Instagram all the time. Maybe not. Wah, wah, wah!

Adam: Caroline fucks everything. Now, we contracted it. She’s got social cancer. We have her cancer!
Shoshanna: Erm…