Hannibal: This is Your Season 3 Trailer


I wonder if calling Hannibal, the best drama on network TV, is bold or precise. Here is the thing: Hannibal is the best drama on NBC, but it’s also the best drama on any other network. The show is so good that it should be on cable. NBC doesn’t deserve Hannibal and yet, you gotta give it to them. They are doing their “best” to keep the show alive, because not enough people are aware of how well written and how this TV show is adroitly orchestrated. Even if you don’t like Hannibal Lecter (I know, the movies overplayed their hand) you should watch the series for the breathtaking photography. James Hawkingson does a superb job creating powerful visuals. Don’t get me wrong, the show can be gory, but it’s absolutely mesmerizing.

This trailer doesn’t do justice, but trust, watch Hannibal, you’ll be impressed.