Riverdale, Supernatural Actor, Sent to Life in Prison

Riverdale, Supernatural Actor, Sent to Life in Prison

Canadian actor Ryan Grantham, best known for ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ and ‘Supernatural,’ has been sentenced to life in prison with parole ineligibility of 14 years for the second-degree murder of his mother, CBC reports.

In March 2020, the actor shot his mother, Barbara Waite, in the back of the head with a .22 rifle while she was playing the piano at her home in Squamish, British Columbia. As shown in court, Grantham then confessed to the murder of his mother and recorded a GoPro video of him shortly after the murder showing her body.

The next day, he covered the body with sheets, surrounded it with lit candles and hung a rosary on the piano before driving east in a car loaded with guns, ammunition and Molotov cocktails to Ottawa. His intention was to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Instead, he drove to Hope, British Columbia, thinking of shooting at either Simon Fraser University, where he attended, or the Lions Gate Bridge.

Ultimately, he decided to turn himself in to the Vancouver Police Department building in East Vancouver.

Riverdale, Supernatural Actor, Ryan Grantham, Sent to Life in Prison

Grantham’s sister testified about the impact on victims during the trial, and Columbia Supreme Court Justice Kathleen Carr called the case “tragic” and “heartbreaking.” The judge said it was a “saving grace” for Grantham to turn himself in and choose not to commit mass murder.

A second-degree murder automatically carries a life sentence in Canada.

Ryan Grantham started acting at the age of 9 and has appeared in iZombie, Unspeakable, Way of the Wicked, Giant, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and more.


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