The New Normal — Fall TV Preview

According to Ryan Murphy, the recipe for The New Normal is:

  • A single mom
  • A gay couple looking for a surrogate mother
    A prodigious little girl
  • A bigot-type grandmother
    A sassy black woman

Add all those ingredients to that parallel universe where LA as a nice beach and not the bleak overcrowded with homeless people, extortionate-shithole that it actually is, and a lotta sappy moments and you got a show.


The New Normal might have been conceived to make people with prejudice feel better about themselves because they’re more accepting of fictional TV characters or it’s a desperate attempt from NBC of being hip and cool. Be as it may, I don’t see this show going anywhere. Oh, I forgot to mention, she wants to go to attorney school. Isn’t that something?

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
Tag Brum lives in Brooklyn and writes things from a computer whenever wi-fi is available. You can follow him on Twitter @tagbrum.


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