Ásgeir – Pictures (Official Music Video)

The official music video for ‘Pictures’ from the upcoming album, ‘Bury The Moon’ (Out Feb. 7)

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Director Einar Egilsson came up with this idea of doing something with references to old western movies and drew some inspiration from some Tarantino films. I thought that the idea could fit well with the mood of the song.

The director felt like the song was kind of split in half, the verses are melancholic and sad while the choruses are brighter and more hopeful and so the video tries to express those emotions on the screen.

The plot follows a man that is free for a while but is then captured by this sheriff character. The verses show the man when he has lost his freedom but the choruses show him when he is free. The sheriff takes the man to a church and makes him play music for him before he takes his life and throws him into a coffin and then burns it.

The video was shot on two locations. The first day we were inside and the second day we were outside in the snow storm. Both locations are not far from Reykjavik.

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Lyrics: Einar Georg Einarsson
Translation: John Grant, Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson

A mellow dew come morning will shine
and the sun wakens the meadow
gives us moments of delight
makes a cruel world seem alright

A graceful day the crowds they heave and flow
you can hear the engines running
the world is changing rapidly
into much uncertainty

When darkness falls we venture out into the night
and realize our dreams and shed our human plight

And so the night moves lightly o’er the ground
little stars like blinking eyes look down
are they watching over us?
Teaching us to love and trust

When darkness falls we venture out into the night
and realize our dreams and shed our human plight

Echoes hammering constructing the conceits of men
unfolding, always growing, it will never end
You have to see the world as one connected whole
if we think separation that’s when greed takes hold

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Written by Punchland Staff

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