Bright Eyes – Mariana Trench (Official Video)

“Mariana Trench” the new song by Bright Eyes off ‘Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was’ out August 21 on Dead Oceans.

Well they’d better save some space for me
In that growing cottage industry
Where selfishness is currency
People spend more than they make

So I wrapped my head in bandages
From the string of happy accidents
I guess maybe I asked for it
But who am I to say

The closing bell death tolls
Hear the market crash
A crying trader swears he’ll get out of the game
The cowboy drinks himself to death
Fresh out of rehab
While they’re loading all the rifles on the range

Look up at that Everest
Look down in that Mariana Trench
Look now as the crumbling 405 falls down
When the big one hits
Look out for the plainclothes
Look out for what the wiretap knows
Look out on the ever-widening money trail and where it goes

It takes a lot of gall
To try to please
These dehumanizing entities
I befriended all my enemies
They had my back against the wall

Oh a coward is
What a coward does
I suppose maybe I always was
But I’m sick of it
I’ve had enough
And now I’m ready for the war

The lion bows his head down
To the ringmaster
With the tightrope stretched so high
Above the crowd
All these faces are contortionists
It must have hurt
Because they all looked as unhappy
As a clown

Look long at that Stonehenge
Look quick is it something you missed
Look in to that smoldering building’s bombed out fog
Until it finally lifts
Look up at that big wave
Look down at your other brother’s grave
Look hard for a harder something to sacrifice
That’s what it takes
That’s what it takes

Look up at that Everest
Look down in that Mariana Trench
Look now as the crumbling 405 falls down
Oh when the big one hits
Look out for the plainclothes
Speak soft what the wiretap knows
Look out on that ever-widening money trail
And where it goes
Where does it go?

Video Credits:
Made at Art Camp.
Directed by Art Camp.

Danica Tan : 3D Animation Director & Art Director
Matt Knudsen : 3D Animator & Technical Director
Vasco Gross : 3D Animator & Designer
Aarman Roy : 3D Animation Intern

Jeremy Higgins : 2D Animation Director & Art Director
Britton Korbel : 2D Animator & Designer
Christin Kim : 2D Animator & Designer
Anna Chandler : 2D Animator & Designer
Kyle Daum : 2D Animator & Designer
Jasmine Haomin Shi : 2D Animator & Designer
Mike Witzel : 2D Animator & Designer
Katie Yu Kyung Lee : 2D Animator & Designer
Zheyu Wang : 2D Animator & Designer

Fern Diaz : Executive Producer
J.J. Russo : Producer & Story Editor
Jerry Li : Producer & Story Editor
Mac Ross : Storyboards & Concept Art
Matt Kagen : Story Concepts

Song Credits:
Conor Oberst – vocal
Mike Mogis – electric guitar, synth bass
Nathaniel Walcott – synthesizers, electric piano, horn arrangement Flea – bass
Jon Theodore – drums, percussion
Kip Skitter – percussion
Jesca Hoop – vocal
Miwi La Lupa – vocal
Trumpet: Jon Lewis, Dan Rosenboom Trombone: Alex Iles, Steve Holtman Baritone Saxophone: John Mitchell
Produced by: Bright Eyes
Engineer: Michael Harris
Engineer: Steve Churchyard Assistant engineer: Chris Cerullo Assistant engineer: Chandler Harrod Mixed by: Mike Mogis
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig Engineered by: Tim Thomas

Bright Eyes – Mariana Trench (Official Video)

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