Bright Eyes – One and Done (Official Lyric Video)

“One and Done” by Bright Eyes, out now on Dead Oceans.

My old pal looks shaky with a cigarette in his hand
Salt and pepper sprinkled on his face and on his head
Looks like he might start crying, is it just something that I said?
Let’s take a walk around the block
This fleeting feeling is infinite

Around here we’ve been wondering what tomorrow’s going to sing
On the final field recording from the loud Anthropocene
I’ve seen the sparkle of the diamonds on the watch of the emcee
It’s not keeping time, just shining

It’s not the first time you said, one and done
And oh my god
And oh my god
Stood in your prom dress all covered in blood
What you sacrificed will never be enough

This whole town looks empty but we knew it wouldn’t last
Behind bulletproof windows they’re still wiring the cash
Whatever they could scrape up, whatever that they had
There’s a lot of mouths to feed through this famine

This room seems even smaller now than I remember it
Hung mirrors on the walls and the ceiling
There’s no disguising it
There’s no denying it
This little box fits everything there is

It’s not the first dance you said, one and done
And oh my god
Baby oh my god
Came to the wedding you were looking rough
Watch the masochists all celebrating love

Come up!
Come up!

Conor Oberst – vocal
Nathaniel Walcott – piano, string and horn arrangement
Mike Mogis – electric guitar, percussion, programming
Flea – bass
Jon Theodore – drums, percussion
Miwi La Lupa – backing vocal
Suzie Katayama – orchestra conductor

Violin: Jessica Guideri, Tammy Hatwab, Jackie Brand, Roberto Cani, Paul Cartwright, Nina Evtuhov, Gerry Hilera, Ana Landauer, Natalie Leggett, Michelle Richards, Jenny Takamatsu, John Wittenberg
Viola: Rob Brophy, Tom Lea, Luke Maurer, Rodney Wirtz
Cello: Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Erika Duke, Dane Little, Charlie Tyler

Trumpet: Jon Lewis, Dan Rosenboom
Trombone: Alex Iles, Steve Holtman
Baritone Saxophone: John Mitchell

Produced by: Bright Eyes
Engineer: Michael Harris
Engineer: Steve Churchyard
Assistant engineer: Chris Cerullo
Assistant Engineer: Chandler Harrod
Mixed by: Mike Mogis
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig

Written by Conor Oberst, Nathaniel Walcott, and Miwi La Lupa

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Written by Tag Brum

Tag Brum lives in Brooklyn and writes things from a computer whenever wi-fi is available.
You can follow him on Twitter @tagbrum.

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