Directed By Johnny Jewel
Produced & Mixed By Johnny Jewel
Mastered By Mike Bozzi At Bernie Grundman Mastering

“The apple obscured in fog is enigmatic & open to the interpretation of the viewer. Are we sinking into the unknown or rising from beyond the grave? An apple a day keeps the doctor away & music is the medicine. Our teachers transfer knowledge of good & evil. From the fairytale of Snow White’s endless sleep to the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis, exposure is the agent of change. Music is a language communicated by the artist but ultimately defined by the listener’s own exposure to sound throughout their life time. I can’t change my past, but I can choose to break the cycle & not pass the poison apple I was fed to my daughter. ”

Goodbye Teacher.
School’s out forever.

– Johnny Jewel

Chromatics – Dear Tommy

01. Fresh Blood
02. Glitter
03. Never Tell
04. Just Like You
05. She Says
06. The Moment
07. Time Rider
08. White Fences
09. Teacher
10. Between The Lines
11. Too Late
12. Dear Tommy
13. Melodrama
14. Ultra Vivid
15. Colorblind
16. Sometimes
17. Dream Sequence
18. Endless Sleep

You Don’t Have To Tell Me Twice
I Believe You When I Stare Into Those Eyes
Your Kiss Is Like A Knife
And I’m Bleeding
While You’re Sleeping Sound At Night
There Are Paintings On The Floor
Screaming Murder
Like We’ve All Been Here Before
But We Forgive
& Nightmares Disappear
On The Red Field Of Our Dreams
The War Is Over
I Won’t Ask For Your Advice
You’re Alive Yeah
But You’re Too Scared To Grab The Dice
We’ll Throw Flowers On Your Grave
Like A Leper
Too Infected To Be Saved
But We Forgive
& Nightmares Disappear
As The Poison Apple Falls
The War Is Over
Good Bye Teacher
Good Bye Teacher

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Written by Punchland Staff

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