Declan McKenna – The Key to Life on Earth (Official Video)

Declan McKenna – The Key to Life on Earth
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Director – Will Hooper
EP – Laura Northover
Producer – Rosie Brear
Prod Co – Blink
Commissioner – Michael Lewin

Declan Double – Alex Lawther

PM – Harry Hardwick
PA – Rachel Bashford
1st AD – Ty Hack
DoP – Ruben Woodin Dechamps
1st AC – Marcus Albertsen
2nd AC – Klara Rychtarcikova
Loader – Saskia Dixie
Trainee – Josh Ighodaro
Gaffer – Esteban Gimpelewicz
Spark – Jerzy Gudjonsson
Spark – Cameron Smart
Art Director – Zoe Klinck
Set Dressing – Lili Abraham
Art Assistant – Tea Mulabdic
Art Assistant – Pedro Reis
Sylist – Suzie Walsh
Styling Assistant – Jade Hennessey
Make up – Jackie Tyson
Flight Choreographer – Dan Styles
Runner – Linda Dorigo
Runner – Elle Dolan
Runner – Tara Sadeghi
Security – John Wild
Set Medic – Gary Darling-Parkes
BTS – Ben Hennessey
Stills Photographer – Joe Magowan

Edit – Sam Allen @ Stitch
Post Producer – Kirsty Oldfield
Grade – Richard Fearon
Flame/Online – Jack Stone
Post Producer – Tamara Mennell
Sound Design – Alexander Wells

Special Thanks to:
One Stop Films
GreenKit Lighting
The Frying Squad
Get Set Hire
Katinka & Locationworks


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gold, let it unfold, imagine you’re dressed in gold,
roaring crowds in manchester will manage to be told,
oh and your king
the boy you loved in spring,
the way she looks at him,
the common goal,
and waiting for the kids to go

we’ve been, held back for after school meetings,
they’ve got it in for me,
for what its worth,
the key to, life on earth

jokers, happy go xenophobe locals,
have got it in for me,
for all im worth
the key to, life on earth

holy smokes,
you kids and your jokes,
asking where we got our jeans,
and where the hell we found our coats,
cause dirty streets these days are graced by nikes of black and green,
and headstrong boys in chinos barely grasp what that could mean,
and they lie,
then men that wrung us dry,
the boys who poked your eye,
the common fool, the walk to school for you and i

we’ve been, held back for after school meetings,
theyve got it in for me,
for what its worth,
the key to, life on earth

the thing is, the out of touch, scrounging rich kids,
are living here for free,
on my home turf
the key to, life on earth,

call in to wake you up in the morning, iron your suit and tie forever till you die

join forces like carousels and their horses forever spinning round,
and never coming down

come out and join us honey we will sort u out
come work in brookfield park and we will shut your mouth
come work in sainsburys babe until you’ve had enough
come on out come on out


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