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Can’t seem to find what I keep seeing in you
Can’t leave behind the things you put me through
I spent all my time, now I don’t know what to do
Kept me pinned down, don’t how much I can take
Spin me around until you get me to break
Don’t make a sound, you always know what to say to me, just quit making me give in

To everything that you want me to be
Cause I’m starting to rip at the seams
Losing sight just to end up between
Pleasing you and living for me

You kick me out, abandoned everything, everything
I don’t want to pretend you weren’t there for me, there for me
Negating all the things that you said to me, it ain’t meant to be
Because the waters are getting insane, they will carry me, through the restless sea please just let me be

Cast away into the world, leave it all behind
Thought that it would fix things, but your so so blind
Every time, I ain’t put up with your fights
You would never see my side now I’m exiled from your life
Now I’m on my own holding on to this
Thought I was so strong and I lost my grip
Tried to fix, everything but then we split
Should have stayed up out the mix, now I ain’t fucking with your clique

Fuck everything that you want me to be
Now I’m starting to rip at the seams
Picking fights, just to end up between
Losing you, and remembering me

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Written by Tag Brum

Tag Brum lives in Brooklyn and writes things from a computer whenever wi-fi is available.
You can follow him on Twitter @tagbrum.

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