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We decided to talk and walk around one of Lost Dog’s old stomping grounds, downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The holy Mecca of country music, a lot has changed since Ernest Tubb’s day. Hell, even since Ben and Ashley’s day. We walked by old buildings getting bulldozed, by tramps and travelers begging for dollars, by boot stores and boozy bars blaring the top 20 radio hits. They used to do a lot of busking down here, back in the day. I remember it well. I used to busk down there too, with the ole banjo and a washboard thumping pal of mine. Tourist would walk by and drop a coin in the bucket, eyes wide with delight having found the hillbilly music they were promised awaited them.

While we all try to avoid it now-a-days, there is still some stuff to love about Broadway. For one, our friends down at Acme Feed & Seed, an amazing venue and restaurant right on 1st and Broad. They still do it right, Carl Gatti of Acme radio always promoting and spinning the real underground artists we love. He invited us in on that cold afternoon to play some songs on the empty 3rd floor, beautiful hardwood and brick of the old days still prominent. Best of all, Ben and Ashley were joined by their longtime touring stand up bassist Jeff Loops, of the beloved roots band, Deep Chatham (old band of Matt Heckler as well). Hope you all love it, and be sure to drop a dollar in the hat of the next busker you see.

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Big thanks to VJ Arizpe and Richard Harmon for making this episode possible.

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