Sloane – Too Young To Be Lonely [Official Lyric Video]

Video by Joseph Morel

Chasing morning, I caught the early flight back overseas,
gonna take a couple days in NYC,

cause lately you’ve been acting like my enemy

We can dance around,
but it seems like you been in a different place,
and its getting pretty hard to say your name,
and I don’t really feel like a priority

Too much too fast, shit was like a movie
good things go bad, now you’re just a groupie,

broken heart put it right into my music

I’m not mad and I wont be,
I’m too young to be lonely

too young, too young, too young

Why you waiting? Hurry up if there’s something you feel,

don’t be scared to say it, time is always gonna heal,
oh I think you better leave the keys to my Hollywood Apt.

don’t you know that this isn’t what I wanted,
but its too late to go back, too late to go back

#Sloane #TooYoungToBeLonely



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