Spookey Ruben – Glenn, Take Care

Recently uncovered from the vaults – the previously rarely seen OFFICIAL Music Video of ‘Glenn, Take Care’. Directed, shot and edited by Los Angeles filmmaker Chris Strother feat. clips from her award-winning short film ‘Candy Money’.

Previously only received a limited broadcast in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in conjuction with the release of Spookey’s album ‘Bed’ ©2003 Zomba Records Germany.

Spookey’s management company had advised him to take down this video from youtube because many were of the opinion that it wasn’t a ‘good look’ for Spookey – gave off the wrong image – made him look ‘ not cool’ – What do you think?

Highly regarded as a pioneer on the Canadian Alternative music scene. His successes began in the mid-nineties with many of his self-directed independent videos making it into high rotation on MuchMusic and MTV (MTV2) “Modes of Transportation Vol. 1” (TVT Records) Spookey’s ‘home-spun, playing-all-instruments’ debut album shot to the top of music critics’ Top Ten lists catapulting him into world-wide acclaim, hailing the album as the ‘Pet Sounds of the 90s’ and ‘a fantastical Lo-fi masterpiece’.

“Tommy Douglas? Spookey Ruben? – Which of these men is our greatest Canadian?” – Toronto Star

His eye-popping Live performances both with band and solo-acoustic have taken him around the world (USA, Europe and Japan) sharing the stage with likes of The Flaming Lips and Ben Folds Five. In more recent years he’s also been active as a pop producer (working with the likes of Ariel Pink and Esthero) and as a film/TV composer.

“Pop Fantasia Genius” – Mojo Magazine

With the launch of ‘Spookey Ruben’s Dizzy Playground’ – a ongoing series of short films and live variety show, Spookey created a special place to stretch his imagination with music, humour and fantasy. Guest starring in his antics are notable musicians such as Feist, Voivod, Maylee Todd, John McEntire (Tortoise/The Sea and Cake), Lips (Anvil), Teenburger (Ghettosocks & Timbuktu), to name a few.

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