Young Jesus – Root and Crown

Directed / Edited: Blake Holland
Director of Photography: Dylan Carver

With Sonja Bartlett
and Gabby Davis

Composed, produced, and performed by Young Jesus (Marcel Borbón, Kern Haug, John Rossiter, Eric Shevrin)

Every record needs a thesis, needs a crisis, or campaign
All my feelings need a reason, need a righteousness or blame
What if living wasn’t of the mind?
The root and crown don’t doubt the winter time

Underground the dark and cooling earth embraces what can sink
Into itself and fall for miles into a timeless darkening
And from the depths will come the brightest fire
The center, surface, and the sun aligned

I am not a living crisis but I’m learning how to breath
How to feel and how to tell my friends and family what I need
I know the music of the winter time
But to the spring I give my love and life

Tag Brum
Tag Brum

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